Effective Demand Management is one of the critical components for a sustainable NHS future.  NECS recognises this and has developed and successfully implemented an Elective Demand Management approach which encompasses a broad range of high impact intervention support packages.  Through partnering with NECS, a CCG who was facing significant financial challenges benefited from:

– £12M savings over a number of schemes
– 26% reduction in first outpatient appointments for routine referrals from GPs
– £1.5M saved in elective spells
– 11% reduced waiting stock list

Our approach has resulted in patients increasingly referred at the right time for the right treatment and seen more quickly.  The quality and safety of patient care is improved, the experience of the patient is better and we are making better use of precious NHS resources.

The expert multi-disciplinary teams in NECS have led large and small scale Demand Management Programmes and Projects spanning every NHS region working with NHS regional and sub-regional teams, STPs, ACSs, CCGs, NHS providers and local authorities.  We are committed to continuing to deliver expected outcomes whilst working within a very fluid environment which we know often requires us to flex and adapt to changing priorities.

We will support in making care pathway improvements to deliver tangible benefits for patients whilst ensuring the cost effective use of resources.  Our bespoke package of high impact RTT and demand products includes:

– Service Transformation
– Consultant to consultant Referrals
– Referral Diversions
– New to Review Ratios
– Information and performance  reporting
– Sustainable RTT (in partnership with Source RTT)
– NHS Rightcare

To learn more view our Demand Management service sheet here:
Demand Management information sheet

Or contact the team on:

Tel: 0191 301 1300
Email: NECSU.busdev@nhs.net