For the last 3 months, NECS has employed a Work Placed Health Activator Intern to help staff to become more healthy and active.  Connor Greet is a Sport and Exercise graduate from Teesside University and spent time working with NECS staff as part of a pilot project for the Health and Wellbeing Group.

The overall aim was to get staff within NECS more physically active and promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Connor said, “The role did not only focus on getting people more physically active whilst at work, but also educated them on how they can make lifestyle changes outside of work.  The aim was never drastic changes to people’s work or day-to-day lives, but little changes that are sustainable and contribute to a healthy lifestyle into the long term future.”

Activities that were provided for staff included: walking, running, gym and fitness classes at Durham University’s Queen’s Campus, table tennis and one-to-one discussions with staff.

Staff feedback was very positive and some of the comments are included below.

“I’ve been in regular contact with Connor since his time at NECS and he has been a massive help in the achieving of my fitness goals. I’ll still be benefiting from his training and advice in the months to come.”

 “I wanted to say thank you for giving me the inspiration to prioritise exercise in my new lifestyle! Credit to your hard work and dedication (it isn’t easy).”

 “Connor will leave behind a lasting legacy at Teesdale House through his friendly and approachable personality and he should be extremely proud of the impact he has made.”

This pilot project ran in the Tees area.  Health Advocates in other NECS bases are working on rolling out similar initiatives.

We wish Connor luck in his future career.