North of England Commissioning Support Unit

New Models of Care

As set out in the Five Year Forward View, rapid progress is needed to speed up the development of new models of care for promoting health and wellbeing and providing care that can then be replicated more easily in other parts of the system.

Through the New Models of Care Programme, individual organisations and partnerships, including those within the voluntary sector, are invited to apply to be ‘vanguard’ sites. These organisations will have the opportunity to work with national partners to co-design and establish new care models, tackling national challenges in the process; NECS is able to support vanguard sites in the delivery of New Models of Care.


NECS can provide you with a bespoke support package that reflects the key enablers identified by vanguard sites to successfully deliver the five new care models:

  1. Multispeciality Community Providers (MCPs)NMCXCover
  2. Integrated Primary and Acute Care Systems (PACS)
  3. Enhanced Health in Care Homes
  4. Acute Care Collaboration
  5. Urgent and Emergency

We recognise the need for a modern flexible workforce to ensure new care models are built around the needs of diverse local populations. Our offer of support includes mapping and profiling the existing workforce, identifying the creation of new roles and number of staff needed to address any capacity and capability gaps associated with their new model of care.

Our agile approach can be applied and tailored to other non-vanguard large scale transformation programmes. For example we have been contracted by the 5 CCGs in Durham and Tees Valley to provide the programme management for a major reconfiguration of acute hospital and community services. This involves assessing our services in key areas against national standards and assessing how we can best meet these standards given major workforce constraints and financial pressures. In addition to developing public engagement for changes made across the sub region.

The services that NECS can offer are:

  • Programme management – Expertise in  effective programme and project management
  • System leadership – a range of tools and techniques to help system leaders create a compelling vision and cohesion across health and social care
  • Evaluation & metrics – expertise in logic modelling and large scale national evaluation programmes
  • Digital technology – supporting integration and innovation through the development of digital healthcare
  • Contracting arrangements – expertise in capitated budgets and outcome based contracting
  • Communications & engagement (empowering communities) – expertise in customer insight methodology, media management and formal public consultation
  • Transformation – team of experts in delivering large scale transformational change underpinned by innovative tools and techniques
  • Population segmentation and activity modelling – analysing and understanding the demographic makeup of the local population to support complex commissioning decisions
  • Evidence based analytical support – utilising a wide range of tools and intelligence sources to underpin clinical decision making

Please contact Joanne Dobson, Head of Transformation at to discuss how we can provide you with a bespoke support package.