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Business Continuity Management

NECS Business Continuity Team can help you to fulfil your obligations in relation to Business Continuity Management; such as the development and review of Business Continuity Plans, service line/team Business Impact Analysis, business continuity testing and exercising and supporting the sharing of good practice. Our experienced team provide advice, guidance and offer support and tools on a range of issues. Our aim is to ensure our customer’s compliance with all legislation and good practice guidance relating to their business.

Our team can also provide bespoke training and keep you up to date with relevant legislation, as well as managing any potential risk you may face.

We offer:

  • Strategic and operational advice and guidance in complying with legislation and good practice.
  • Expert advice and guidance in relation to Business Continuity Planning and management.
  • Business Continuity training and development
  • Advice and practical toolkits to support business continuity assessment
  • Support with annual Business Continuity Plan review
  • Tailored action plans
  • Business Continuity training and exercising

Our experts provide a complete Business Continuity service that is appropriate to your organisation’s needs.

How we’ve helped
Since the creation of NECS we ensured we are compliant with NHS England Business Continuity guidance and supported a range of CCGs to ensure compliant with legislation and good practice.