• Promotes sustainability – The linking of previously disparate information means that PHNs finally have a ‘single version of the truth’ which will support genuinely collaborative working and improved system resilience.
  • Simple to set up  – The application is web-based, so there is no software to download. Users can rapidly set up accounts, using helpful online videos.
  • Easy to use – It takes less than one minute for a Provider to update their business continuity status. Changes to PPE, workforce levels and vacancies can all be made very quickly with a few clicks on any device 24/7.
  • Safe and secure – the application takes advantage of Microsoft Azure, all data is encrypted and hosted within Australia.
  • Rich reports and visualisations – the system has a range of real-time reports and
    maps available to analyse current issues and challenges across a PHN and assist in identifying areas which need support.
  • Allows focused support – The tracker provides real-time information to commissioners so they can easily see where any issues may be occurring and provide support for Covid outbreaks, PPE supplies, workforce challenges or even dealing with other emergencies.
  • Dedicated resource centre – The application has a dedicated resource centre which provides users with rapid, searchable access to centralised clinical and business support information and guides, uploaded and managed locally.