Proven Success in Australia

After successfully launching in Australia, it has been used by New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network (HNECC PHN) since May 2020.

It has supported RACFs and GP’s across HNECC PHN throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the first four months of use, HNECC PHN registration figures were impressive with over 70% of RACFs and over 50% of their GPs registered and using the system. For HNECC PHN, the Capacity Tracker is a vital business continuity tool which provides real-time information about COVID cases, staffing levels, PPE supplies and up-to-date residential aged care bed availability. The system’s functionality also offers powerful reporting including the use of visual mapping which gives even greater insight for PHNs.

“I am grateful for Capacity Tracker as an ‘extra set of eyes’ over the practices, so nothing gets delayed or missed – especially while we are managing such a large workload on the Coast! I’m getting great feedback from practices about how easy it is to update, and they really like the resources section too.” – Primary Care Improvement Officer at HNECC

By linking RACFs and GPs, the tool can also offer an effective response in other, non-COVID, emergency situations such as bushfires or cyclones. A PHN can quickly find alternative accommodation for patients if a RACF has to close suddenly