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Capacity Tracker – Warrington Borough Council


Built in partnership with NHS England, Local Authority representatives and care home providers, the web-based Capacity Tracker enables care homes to instantly share their available beds and allows other users to search for beds across the country, helping to reduce Delayed Transfers Of Care (DTOCs). Powerful reporting also helps with market oversight and gives users the ability to quickly and easily analyse published DTOC data at national, regional, NHS Trust and Local Authority level.

DToC data in Warrington did not show a trend that care home availability was causing delayed transfers of care, the online bed state tool was introduced to make the process for collecting bed availability data easier, and to make the data set more accurate. Capacity Tracker – Warrington Borough Council


A representative from the CCG and LA were appointed. On this occasion the roll-out was not phased, as it was intended to replace the old reporting system with the new from the go-live date, and needed operational colleagues to be able to locate information in one place.

Providers were broadly supportive of the move to the system, as it enabled them to advertise available beds immediately rather than once a week under the previous system. NECS ensured that all providers were set up to use the system prior to the go-live date. Communication of the go-live date was robust with all day telephone support available for providers on the day to achieve  compliance, and a follow up face-to-face support session if needed.  The new Capacity Tracker system was rolled out to providers on the Warrington Borough Council Older People’s Residential and Nursing framework contract, excluding small learning disability providers who were not flagged for inclusion due to the low turnover of residents and the lack of administrative staff at these types of settings to maintain the system.

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“Really good system, it’s very easy to set up and use”

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All providers on the framework contract now update bed vacancies regularly using the Capacity Tracker system. This enables easier reporting from the data set.

Vacancy data is more accurate as capacity information is available in real time.

Vacancy data is accessible off-site for social workers enabling them to work more efficiently.

Providers benefit from being able to advertise vacancies immediately, and provide supplementary information to advertise their service.

As the system evolves, the next step is trying to ensure that price information submitted by homes who accept standard payment rates from WBC are accurate in the system. There is also some system development which has been requested regarding reporting.

WBC are planning to launch care home discharge co-ordinator/trusted assessor roles which will give more information on how the bed state tool is impacting on the discharge process. They will have KPIs to collect both qualitative and quantitative data.