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Establishing and delivering a national RTT Waiting List Data Validation Programme


NHS England required support to develop, manage and deliver a national RTT Waiting List Data Validation Programme across the UK. This programme aimed to provide assurance to each Trust about the quality of their waiting list data and identify pathways for the participating Trusts to review and remove where appropriate.

NECS had already successfully delivered a waiting list data validation pilot on behalf of NHS England to 9 Trusts during the summer of 2014 (Phase 1 of the project). NHS England required a partner to support phase 2 of the project and selected NECS.

Our project team was selected based on the skills, expertise and knowledge of the technical area.

NECS dedicated an experienced senior delivery manager as the Programme Director and overall Senior Responsible Officer who was accountable to NHS England, Monitor and the Trust Development Authority (now NHSI) for delivery of the national programme. The team worked in line with the NECS Programme Management approach. The programme governance arrangements were rapidly implemented with associated Terms of Reference.

The national Programme Board and four regional Steering Groups were also established.
Establishing and delivering a national RTT Waiting List Data Validation Programme


In order to complete the project NECS needed to engage with selected NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts nationally to carry out RTT Waiting List Data Validation and provide assurance on 18 week Incomplete RTT pathway accuracy.

The team from NECS reviewed, using the standard methodology, Trust patient records that are recorded as being on an incomplete RTT pathway. Recommendations were then made to the Trust’s clinical / management leadership team regarding appropriate removal.

Practices adversely affecting waiting list validity were identified and their details were provided to the NHS Trusts involved in the programme and NHS England.

Access policies for each participating NHS Trust were reviewed against a developed checklist. Recommendations were provided as appropriate.

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I’ve always been reassured that NECS are aware of the problems and working on solutions. Customer satisfaction score of 5/5.

Iain Wallen

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The five-month national programme was delivered at pace, on time and within budget, with no residual risks.

Successfully delivered outcomes included:

  • Development of an IMAS approved NECS RTT waiting list data validation methodology, developed collaboratively with South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Procurement, training and deployment of more than 200 validators, who applied the NECS methodology to the full incomplete Patient Tracking List (PTL) at each of the participating Trusts’ sites. This enabled NECS to flex resources to meet customer needs.
  • Recommendations were made to Trust representatives of pathways appropriate for removal and further review.
  • An independent review of each participating Trust’s access policy was undertaken.
  • Assurance was provided of 18-week Incomplete RTT pathways validation to at least a 95% confidence
  • level at a point in time against the ‘Best Practice Guidance on How To Measure RTT Consultant-led waiting times’ (January 2012).

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