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Humber Coast and Vale ICS Support


NECS provided resourcing to NHS England and Improvement Humber Coast and Vale (HCV) Locality Team, in a time of exceptional need due to staffing shortage resulting from recruitment issues. The project involved supporting the Deputy Director and the team with their workload, which due to the time of year (planning submissions) was extremely busy. Humber Coast and Vale ICS Support


The aim of the project was to support the team, whilst adapting to a different geography, system and colleagues. This had to be done rapidly due to the need and short timeframe of the project.

The tasks involved diary management, project planning, meeting deadlines, taking notes, collation of data and information for reports and chasing up outstanding actions.

The collation of information and data for the monthly report was a very time consuming and took approximately 10 hours per month. This was approximately eight hours for the main collator and two hours for another member of the team to assist. By adjusting the report and producing a spreadsheet to enable data to be copied and pasted into the report, project manager Jackie was able to reduce the total time down to half each month, including only needing one person to complete it rather than two.

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"Thanks Jackie - you were so very helpful and efficient."

Sue Ward

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NECS received excellent feedback for the support that was given, and all useful information collated during the short period of time was handed over in a report format for future use. Due to this excellent service, Jackie was then asked to support the lead and chair for HCV Integrated Care System Partnership.

“You have got a real gem and when the next transfer window comes along I will be back with a higher offer.” Shaun Jones (Humber Coast and Vale ICS)

Download a pdf of the case study here: Humber Coast and Vale ICS Support Case Study