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Leading Transformational Change Training Programme


Transformation is critical to the improvement of health and healthcare services and in order to support our customers effectively NECS has an extensive transformation service offer. In order to be best in class at providing this service we need our teams to be equipped with the best available concepts and approaches to delivering large scale transformational change in health and social care systems. Leading Transformational Change Training Programme


The need for system-wide ‘large scale’ transformational change is increasing due to:
• Increasing financial pressure
• Increasing public expectations
• Rapid technological advances
• Changing population demographics
• Policy drive towards health and social care integration

The Northern CCG Forum identified a number of priority areas for ‘large scale’ transformational change. It was established that all leaders working on transformational change needed to develop a consistent set of tools and capabilities to lead transformational change. Through this training programme NECS enabled the cohorts to provide support and challenge to the change programmes whilst further developing their capabilities to lead and deliver transformational change. This programme enables the cohorts to be able to identify the right course of action, tools, and techniques and to understand the consequences of potential actions on the change programmes.

The five-day programme is based on a three-part model for delivering large-scale transformational change (three elements are; pervasiveness, depth and size), using material based on the Leading Transformational Change Training developed by NHS IQ. The programme encourages participants to build on and update the skills they already have, as well as strengthening partnership learning.

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I found the training programme thought provoking, giving me time out of a busy role to think. The topics were relevant and very useful. Being able to meet new people and increase networking opportunities was a big part of the course for me

Northern CCG Forum Member

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So far 70 individuals across the health care system have been through this inspiring training programme where the style is very action focused. Leaders are expected to apply learning in their day-to-day role, taking action after each workshop and using the tools and techniques. The principle of building a community of leaders and peer support is placed at the heart of the programme and we encourage participants to ‘buddy up’ and use action-learning following the programme.

Leading Transformational Change Case Study