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Maternity Services Review


NECS were awarded a contract from NHS England to independently analyse online consultation responses to the National Maternity Review. Maternity Services Review


In March 2015, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England announced a major review of maternity services as part of the NHS Five Year Forward View. Baroness Julia Cumberlege was asked to independently lead the review, working with a panel of experts and representative bodies.

The scope of the review was to assess current maternity care provision and consider how services should be developed to meet the changing needs of women and babies. An online consultation was made available between 09 September and 15 November 2015 for those people who couldn’t attend one of the regional events and attracted 5192 responses.

NECS played a significant part of ensuring the voice of service users and others were fed directly into the review, through the production of a report that presented a detailed analysis of the results of the consultation (with greater emphasis on qualitative than quantitative).

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Through the approach taken by the NECS analytical team, the data was rationalised, prioritised and summarised and presented to the Maternity Review Team in a digestible format. This way the team were able to clearly hear the voices and experiences of thousands of women, their families, health professionals, charities and commissioners with regards maternity services, what was good about them and how they need to change. This helped to inform the recommendations of the National Maternity Review

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NECS consultancy directly informed the national maternity review through independent analysis helping NHSE hear the voices of thousands women, their families, health professionals, charities and commissioners.

The NECS Consultancy team independently reviewed and analysed over 5000 responses focussing on the analysis of the qualitative data from the consultation. The analysis followed a content analysis methodology, placing significance on the frequency of a phrase or comment to an individual question enabling the results to be presented in a format more readily associated to quantitative analysis e.g. graphs and tables based on percentage results.

NECS worked collaboratively with NHSE and as a result were able to present early findings to the NHSE board allowing to inform their early strategic thinking and be a true partner. This was followed up with a fully accessible report presented back to the NHSE board and the Royal College of Midwives and is available on the NHS England website.

As a result of this project NECS were invited to complete further analysis on loss and complications attracting another 1300 responses which further contributed to the National Maternity Review.

Maternity Services Review Case Study