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New Care Model Vanguards local digital delivery plans


NECS in conjunction with North East London (NEL) were awarded the contract to deliver support to New Care Models vanguards in their design phase, developing their local digital delivery plans. NECS was the overarching contract lead for this piece of work. New Care Model Vanguards local digital delivery plans


The Vanguard sites were geographically split between the two commissioning support units. NEL providing support to 12 sites and NECS to 13 sites with 3 shared sites in Nottingham. It was decided that the Nottingham vanguards would be serviced by both teams to ensure consistency of approach across the whole programme. With this in mind they were the first to be visited.

Our engagement approach was tailored to meet each Vanguards requirements and incorporated a blend of site visits, offsite working, maturity assessments and collaboration with expert consultants and facilitators using best practice tools and techniques to gain the levels of insight required.

We defined the Vanguards current digital position, creating a digital baseline which built upon existing analysis gleaned through visiting the vanguard sites and sharing learning across vanguards. This included information about the local health economy environment. This vision was aligned to the local health economy. To achieve this we engaged with the right people and the work was clinician/care provider led. We involved local CCGs leading footprints to develop the local digital roadmaps.

An interoperability assessment was made. A current and future architecture to support the information sharing needs for the Vanguard. This covered both professional and citizen needs. We developed the digital plan. This was a current and future architecture for the local health economy describing a three to five year digital vision and roadmap outlining:

  • Key digital capabilities that support transformation
  • When they will be delivered and cost
  • The relative priority of these
  • The core dependencies
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…this has been a successful piece of work which delivered upon the initial brief. This work has fast tracked NHSE in our understanding of the progress of the Vanguards and where best to support them…

Helen Arthur

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The programme provided documentation and guidance to enable each Vanguard to integrate its digital roadmap as a work stream, providing an architectural blueprint for achieving information sharing and interoperability and tools for partnership and engagement for digital development.

We did the following:

  • Developed procedures, guides, learning materials and a knowledge transfer plan.
  • Developed e-learning utilising Adobe Captivate ensuring resources are continuously available for use and a collaboration portal to access all the learning and resourcing from this programme.

New Care Model Vanguards