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Support to County Durham CCG in response to Covid


The embedded NECS team at County Durham CCG (Commissioning and Delivery and Provider Management) have been supporting the response to the Covid 19 pandemic in a number of ways showing flexibility and commitment in ensuring that the best possible service has been offered to the CCG as part of their SLA. Support to County Durham CCG in response to Covid


At the very beginning of the pandemic the team were integral in assisting with the delivery of essential PPE supplies as well as laptops to ensure that primary care frontline staff were protected and that those who needed to work at home could do so. In addition to this, our team made daily calls to all County Durham practices to get a sitrep that was used to inform and direct ongoing executive support. The team also played a major role in rapidly setting up “hot hubs” in primary care to enable Covid patients to be seen quickly and safely. A Covid inbox was also established and covered daily to deal with the high number of enquires at this time. All of this was carried out while maintain business critical work. Practices have commented on the robust and speedy assistance provided by the team.

To support the smooth running of the PCN vaccine hubs our team responded to requests to marshal at the hubs over the course of six weeks with many of the clinics covered at weekends and evenings. Staff directed patients in car parks, showed them where to register when they arrived, entered data onto the systems and covered the 15-minute observation period for patients. As of 22 January, we have supported 60 clinics and provided around 1400 hours of support to the PCN sites. We have been working with a voluntary service, Durham Community action, and 327 applications received so far with 70 appropriate people identified at the end of last week. Lindsay Fox has been co-ordinating this work. Dozens of compliments have been received from patients commenting on how well run the clinics were.

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“The embedded team in Durham have been fantastic in their response to Covid support. We have worked hard to ensure that we have a one team approach across County Durham and the badge that somebody wears is irrelevant. The embedded team have great links with our practices and providers and have pitched in to help wherever it has been required. We can’t thank them enough for their hard work, perseverance and dedication”.

Sarah Burns

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With only two days’ notice a small team of commissioning and delivery staff (led by Kathleen Berry and Ella Fielding) set up the inhouse County Durham CCG Transport Team in the week before Christmas to offer non-emergency patient transport to local, Primary Care Network (PCN) operated Covid vaccination clinics. This has enabled over 500 patients to get their vaccine who would have otherwise struggled to attend. The County Durham CCG Transport Team has been in operation for 25 working days. This equates to approximately 590 working hours; processing transport requests, speaking to patients, booking patient transport and troubleshooting/problem solving/answering queries. The work was transferred to the central NECS team on the 25 of January 2021 bringing in more business for NECS.

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