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Supporting Vanguards in Logic Model Development


In line with the Five Year Forward View, NECS were asked to provide intensive support to Vanguards in Logic Model Development. Supporting Vanguards in Logic Model Development


NECS were commissioned by NHS England (NHSE) to provide intensive support to eight Vanguard sites with geographic spread from the North East to the South West with particular focus on achieving a pragmatic and positive impact for patients.

These included:

  • 3 Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguards
  • 3 Enhanced Care in Care Homes Vanguards
  • 2 Acute Care Collaboration Vanguards

Following detailed analysis of the differing and changing needs of each Vanguard site, NECS developed an approach that enabled us to deliver bespoke, intensive support packages for each Vanguard site that was relevant to their individual and specific needs, underpinned by a common methodology of Logic Model development.

Our four phased delivery model (below) enabled us to achieve a high quality outcome in limited timescales, providing each Vanguard site with challenge, insight and system leadership whilst ensuring each leadership team had clear ownership of their logic models. By enhancing existing work from the customer we were able to provide the best fit for them and their Vanguard allowing them to have personal focus on what they were delivering.

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NECS facilitated two bespoke Logic Model workshops, with our Programme Office and project managers, for us to learn this new methodology and support timely submission of our Value Proposition to NHS England. In doing so they helped to translate the vision of our new care models and its core components across a number of sub projects and provided a flexible and supportive approach to ensure our relevant needs and challenges were met. This was followed up by further helpful advice and responsive assistance which enabled us to complete the models in the very short timescale available.

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The facilitated workshops and logic model methodology created “lightbulb moments” for teams, in which previously unarticulated logical links between planned activities and desired outcomes were made. These were thought to have had a positive influence on the design of the new care models.

The use of logic models allowed the customer to develop a more detailed plan to quantify the changes they were looking for. As a result of the logic models they could develop more focussed plans that allowed everyone to come together to agree what their proposed outcomes were and signing up to the same goals.

Supporting Vanguards Logic Model Development