Capacity Tracker Supporting the Covid-19 Response

The Capacity Tracker has enabled the effective management of the broader challenges in infection monitoring, audit and compliance, and supporting delivery, particularly during the Covid-19 response period.

The Tasks:
The three primary aims of the Capacity Tracker project were to provide:
1. Ongoing support for providers throughout the Covid-19 response
2. Accurate real-time data to enable the delivery of crucial Covid-19 response and mitigation efforts from both local and central governments
3. A greater understanding regarding the level of vacancies, beds, and resources available to care providers.

The Support Centre Team worked in partnership with care providers to ensure the project met their needs and established ongoing individualised support. The Capacity Tracker was delivered in partnership with commissioning and public health bodies across the England region, using a collaborative approach.
Senior leadership and analysts were deployed to interpret the collected data at a high level, to ensure a focused response. The Support Centre Team managed customer queries and concerns effectively in real time. Further, the Capacity Tracker team enabled the effective monitoring of designated beds and capacity through ongoing communication with providers.

The Capacity Tracker project produced key results which were essential in the delivery of customer and patient focused support throughout the Covid-19 response period. The Capacity Tracker enabled the project team to effectively keep track of the number of designated beds in acute/hospital settings, ensuring
that hospitals were at the safest and most appropriate level of capacity for their individual circumstances. This reduced wait times and improved efficiency for patients discharged to community services.

The monitoring of Covid-19 related data such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) levels, resident and vaccination numbers and case rates enabled the provision of further support across the region to respond to provider-specific concerns. This data directly informed the pandemic response of the centralised government health bodies across the England region, as illustrated by the presence of Capacity Tracker data in government White Paper reports.

The informative nature of the data collected and analysed by the Capacity Tracker team has not gone unnoticed as shown through the purchase of the tool for use in Australian health services. Therefore, the data and ongoing provider support offered by the Capacity Tracker has made it an unmatched tool with regards to its person-centred nature and adaptability in responding to the needs of providers, public health bodies and service users throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Capacity Tracker is successful, as it has helped with provider monitoring in relation to Covid infection rates, identifying where support has been required via appropriate escalation routes. The metrics cover a range of quantitative aspects including Covid infection numbers for both staff and residents, available beds, discharges and PPE which all support overall home status.”  Philip Wilson, Senior BI Analyst from NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU, working collaboratively
with the Quality Team at Morecambe Bay CCG.

A pdf of this case study is available to download here: Capacity Tracker Supporting the Covid-19 Response