How Capacity Tracker underpins intelligence and insight for decision-makers

Sanjeev Kataria, Senior Programme Manager at Oxfordshire County Council, explains how Capacity Tracker data underpins intelligence and insight for decision-makers.

Oxfordshire County Council uses the Capacity Tracker to give them a clear understanding of the status, capacity and capabilities of care homes and other care providers in the county.

Sanjeev explains how the platform feeds into the council’s bespoke dashboard that helps senior staff gain an understanding of the current position with care providers and indicates what support providers require across the County.

“We pull the information from the Capacity Tracker and populate the dashboard. This is done daily. The dashboard provides all the key indicators in one easy-to-analyse product. Of course, that accuracy is dependent on users inputting data on a regular basis, and that the data is accurate. The dashboard reveals information such as current vaccination status for care home and agency staff. We are now using the dashboard to monitor the uptake of the Covid-19 vaccination booster and the flu vaccination.”

“We are always looking at how we can improve how the information from the Capacity Tracker is displayed and easily interpreted. Using Power BI will help and improve on the Excel dashboard we currently use.”

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