Kirklees Care Homes started using Capacity Tracker prior to the Covid-19 pandemic

Kirklees Care Homes have been utilising the Capacity Tracker since before the outbreak of Covid-19. It was used by the region to identify Care Home vacancies for prospective residents, which was the original purpose of the Capacity Tracker.

Since the Capacity Tracker’s nomination as the Department of Health and Social Care system of choice, there have been multiple additions to the system including the Business Continuity questions.

Utilising the Capacity Tracker has supported the Kirklees system (Local Authority and the two Clinical Commissioning Groups, Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees) to be able to closely monitor care home activity and inform regarding market sustainability.

The Capacity Tracker has also helped in collating and confirming the contact details of all providers and has been used to streamline the various methods of communication.

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