Matt Callaghan talks about how easy it is to update the Capacity Tracker

Matt Callaghan has been in the care home industry for almost 35 years.

He is currently the Nominated Individual at the Knoll Care Partnership, a 40-bed, purpose-built residential home in Manchester for people with conditions generally associated with old age, particularly those living with dementia. Matt is the Finance Director with oversight of compliance.

Matt has responsibility for updating the Capacity Tracker which he completes daily. He says: “The input takes about two minutes. The time it takes to gather the data is almost insignificant. I walk through the front door, speak to the care manager and then update the Capacity Tracker.”

Matt is a regular user of the reporting feature on the Capacity Tracker. He said: “It’s really valuable to know how we are doing comparatively. We are an excellent home, CQC gave us outstanding in four out of the five areas.  He added: “We want to challenge ourselves against national evidence and share this with our care team and families, so they know that we are doing well.

“There is real commercial value to the Capacity Tracker, it can demonstrate excellence. It’s nice to prove you’re ahead of the game.”

Matt recently joined the North West Regional Forum, led by the Capacity Tracker team which gives users a chance to discuss key changes and gather feedback.

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