Using Capacity Tracker to introduce medicines ordering by proxy

The Medicines Management Optimisation team at Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wanted to implement Care Home proxy medication ordering in the county via the Capacity Tracker platform.

Rebecca Gemmell, Medicines Management Pharmacy Technician at NHS Lincolnshire CCG, explained how the project came about.

Rebecca said: “After attending Midlands Proxy Access webinars, the Capacity Tracker proxy survey was mentioned – so we decided to find out what information we could use.”

“The proxy survey results were shared with us. From this we were able to establish which homes were already using proxy medicines ordering and which homes had expressed an interest in setting this up. This was very useful information provided through Capacity Tracker and helped steer us to the care home managers who were keen to implement proxy ordering as our starting point”.

How were the results used?
Rebecca: “We used the survey results to focus on care homes that had expressed an interest in proxy for our initial communications regarding the project. We developed and shared a resource pack using the NHS England and NHS Improvement templates and arranged training webinars for the care home and GP practice staff.”

What are the results?
Several homes in the county have now implemented proxy ordering of medicines and we have received great feedback from both care home and practice staff who have said proxy was making medicines ordering quicker and more efficient.

Rebecca added: “Hopefully we will be able to continue to receive the survey results to enable us to reach out to the care homes who have expressed an interest in proxy. We plan to also use the survey results to monitor how many homes respond to say they are now using medicines ordering by proxy.”

A pdf version of the case study is available here: Capacity Tracker — Medicines Ordering by Proxy