Utilising RAIDR to Investigate Variation in Spend

While looking into variation on spend across their GP practices, a CCG identified one small practice with an exceptionally high spend per head on inpatient spells. Using RAIDR’s Secondary Care dashboard to investigate, they found a surprisingly high cost attached to one patient, with a zero day length of stay, cost of £58k and a primary procedure of E423 – Temporary Tracheostomy. This led them to search for all patients with the same diagnosis across their local CCGs. There was a small but significant number of patients across different practices with the same primary procedure, some with zero day length of stay but also some with long lengths of stay, both with very high costs attached. More in-depth scrutiny found that patients admitted as emergencies to Critical Care would be shown with zero days stay, however, the cost would be worked out according to the spell start and end dates. Using RAIDR to identify the above, the CCG was able to understand the reasons for the variation and share their learning with other CCGs.