Trusts often find the management of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) liver surveillance patients to be a challenge. These patients require regular surveillance over a long period, and it can be difficult to manage the logistics of where a patient is within their surveillance cycle.

To solve this issue, many Trusts default to using locally held spreadsheets to manage these patients, but this is risky and can easily lead to missed cycles due to human error. There have been examples of patients with cirrhosis with a treatable lesion on imaging been ‘missed’ by the system and later present with a decompensated disease (liver failure) due to untreatable / advanced HCC. NECS have developed a tool to improve clinical safety and governance by removing this risk.

Throughout this process, our team have been hugely impressed with NECS’s collective approach and professionalism. Our experience has shown they are experts in IT innovation solving real-life clinical and management issues which benefit clinical teams and patients alike.”-

Mark Fox, Consultant Gastroenterologist at STHK