Customer testimonial

“The Hepatology Arm of the Gastroenterology Team @ STHK and NECS has worked collaboratively over the last year (2019-2020) towards an IT solution for a labour-intensive problem of reliably and effectively delivering robust HCC Surveillance (in accordance with NICE & EASL guidelines) to an ever increasing / prevalent stable cirrhotic cohort. This would allow detection of HCCs at an earlier and treatable stage, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcome.
“Throughout this process, our Group has been hugely impressed with their collective approach and overall professionalism. The NECS team are strong communicators who have driven and steered our joint project, co-ordinating meetings and probing all parties to ensure timely completion of actions. Our experience has shown that they are expert in IT innovation, solving real-life clinical / management issues which benefits both clinical teams and patients alike.
“I would highly recommend NECS to any Healthcare Provider seeking to automate the delivery of chronic disease management to maximise efficiency / reduce workload and improve safety and governance of their service.
“It has been a huge pleasure.”
Mark Fox, Consultant Gastroenterologist at STHK