Overview of the System

STHK run a HCC Liver Surveillance Programme which monitors patients every six months with annual follow up in clinics. The fundamental purpose of the app is to manage this cyclical review process.

After adding patient demographic data, users can select initial test results from a drop-down list of possible tests. Test results are then inputted into the system, and it calculates the following:

  • Child-Pugh score (A/B/C).
  • UKELD score – calculated from several parameters based on blood results which are manually entered.

Users can add further test cycles following a patient review and consultation at regular intervals.

The system automatically generates letters and emails to be sent to patients for appointments through a series of customisable templates.

Depending on patient diagnostics, further test cycles can be scheduled, allowing the clinician to choose from a selection of different test types.

I would highly recommend NECS to any health care provider seeking to automate the delivery of chronic disease management to maximise efficiency, reduce workload & improve safety & governance of their service. It has been a huge pleasure.” – Mark Fox, Consultant Gastroenterologist at STHK