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Communities of Practice

Market Facing Teams

The seven Market Facing Teams form our “core” consultancy offer where we currently are providing products and services. The Teams consist of experienced subject matter experts in their field and can be deployed across the country to help support the delivery of your planning, insight or target support activities.

If you are interested in hearing more about any one of our Market Facing Teams or how we can support you in other areas please contact or the lead consultant identified below.


Lead: Adam Thwaites –
Realistic and viable solutions for achieving policy goals.
Helping policy makers define how health and care services need to change to meet the needs of the population and provide better outcomes.

System Integration and Development
Lead: Rachel Helmn –
Confident and competent facilitator of integrated care support. Achieving bespoke aspirations for system integration leaders based on local intelligence and future health and care needs. Population health management and analytical solutions. Supporting systems to understand their areas of greatest need and deliver sustainable health and care services and outcomes.

Digital Transformation
Lead: Jason Ramchurn –
Our Digital specialists have the network, knowledge and skills to support the health and social care system in its ongoing journey to improve digital maturity, support digital transformation and enhance patient care through the use of digital technologies, pathways and services.

Lead: Chiara Bo –
Turning data into insights. Supporting our customers to embed analytical decision making into their processes by  collaboratively collecting, analysing, interpreting and reporting on data.

Intelligent Programme Management
Lead: Adam Smith –
Intelligent planning, tools and techniques to develop the capability, capacity and culture of programmes. Working alongside system leaders to address the challenges and opportunities of transformational change.

Rapid Response
Lead: Sue Hart –
Rapid response to new and unprecedented challenges. Providing immediate diagnosis, support and solutions for service delivery at local, regional and national levels.

Urgent Care
Lead: Gill Carton –
A dedicated team of subject matter experts using proven tools and techniques to review, revise and implement the urgent and emergency care agenda at a National, Regional and local level .