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A coffee for your thoughts

Wednesday 24th November 2021

Lily Greenland, an apprentice within the NECS Consultancy team explains NECS Consultancy’s Coffee Roulette, how it benefits the team and what she has personally gained from it.

What is Coffee Roulette?
Coffee Roulette is a NECS Consultancy initiative where each week participants are paired with another member of the team for a 30-minute informal conversation. These conversations can cover whatever comes to mind, from career progression, to weekend plans, to hot drink preferences.

What are the benefits of Coffee Roulette?
Coffee Roulette provides the following benefits to participants:

  • A chance to meet people from regional teams and roles that they might not meet otherwise.
  • A chance to share skills, consultancy-based experiences and learn about other projects.
  • A chance to take a break from their daily work, improving wellbeing and reducing the likelihood of burnout.
  • An excuse to enjoy a hot drink and a tasty biscuit!

What have I gained from Coffee Roulette?
Each Coffee Roulette I have taken part in has been unique and enjoyable. I have been given helpful career advice, picked up useful travel tips and managed to meet many of my colleagues’ pets. Through my meetings, I have formed connections with a range of colleagues, from director to apprentice, which I may not have had the chance to meet otherwise.

I was also given the opportunity to act as a co-chair for Coffee Roulette. Being co-chair meant that I was able to present at national team meetings such as the State of Nation and the NECS Consultancy update. This provided me with the chance to improve my Microsoft PowerPoint skills and public speaking skills in front of large audiences.

Being co-chair also gave me the chance to create my first Standing Operation Procedure (SOP) which is used to manage the complex spreadsheet which outlines the Coffee Roulette schedule. This has helped me to improve my working knowledge of excel formulas. The management of the Coffee Roulette schedule has helped me to improve my organisational skills.

Thank you to Ben Williams for providing me with this leadership position and for believing in me as I started NECS as a young inexperienced apprentice. It’s been a brilliant opportunity for me to gain skills and knowledge as well as an excuse to eat Wagon Wheels every week!