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Cardiac Improvement Programme to Get the Go-ahead

Saturday 4th May 2019

Cardiac Improvement Programme to Get the Go-ahead

The Clinical Commissioning Intelligence (CCI) and Business Intelligence (BI) Teams have been working together on a successful project commissioned by NHS England to deliver a suite of models to estimate the likely cost and potential savings that could be realised by optimising Cardiology services across the UK.

Focusing on three high-cost treatments within specialised commissioning; Aortic valve replacement, Cardiac ablation, and Complex ‘pacemaker’ devices, we worked in tandem with the NHSE team of clinicians and business managers to plot the potential for a full Cardiac improvement programme in the coming years.

The work predicts potential savings of around £30m when compared with the likely cost if no changes are made to the current service.  This work meant that NHSE were able to press forward and get the planned programme to the next stage.

“The NECS team was very professional from the initial scoping and to the final presentation to the NHSE Internal Medicine POC Board. What particularly impressed us about NECS is their analytical rigor, deep knowledge of data modelling, very proactive approach in identification and sourcing information and ability to deliver impactful analysis. They were focused, structured throughout the whole process and delivered the analysis to the agreed rather tight timescales. NECS team also demonstrated an exemplary customer-focused approach.” Olga Jones, NHSE Project Manager