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Continuing Healthcare Checklist Workshop

Wednesday 20th November 2019

Continuing Healthcare Checklist Workshop

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is a package of care for adults over 18 who have been assessed by a healthcare professional as having a primary health need. Currently health and social care professionals refer people for assessment by completing a paper checklist.

NECS has developed a digital version of the checklist as part of a CHC Service Improvement Programme, seeking to standardise and streamline services. The digital checklist is expected to save valuable time and resource as well as additional benefits to communication with patients and their families.

During November the digital checklist is being piloted in partnership with Durham County Council in the Dales localities. Look out for details of demonstrations provided by the NECS team coming soon to the other localities and the aim to go paperless early next year.

The second phase of the Service Improvement Programme is the NECS Continuing Healthcare Assurance and Transformation Programme, part of which includes a renewed focus on improving communication.

We are seeking new ways to work collaboratively with stakeholders and have developed the first stakeholder engagement event to focus on Checklists.

Colleagues from across health and social care in Tees and Durham who refer people using the CHC Checklist process are invited to attend a workshop at:

Wynyard Business Park, 3rd December, 1-5pm.

The aim is to work together to share new practices including triage and the digital checklist, consider some of the challenges and improve knowledge.

Places are limited and can be booked using the link: