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We are experts at building relationships, and through this are able to provide professional joint commissioning support to customers. With our experience we are able to identify opportunities for service development and transformation.

We offer

Our cross-boundary expertise means we bring a range of partners together to help improve health and wellbeing through personalised and integrated care. This wide experience means we are able to identify and share best practice and help organisations learn from others.

How we’ve helped 
We helped customers come up with standardised processes for dealing with Section 117 aftercare – making sure there was consistency and across the board adherence to best practice.

We have also supported the delivery of the Winterbourne Concordat – and wider work in relation to transformation of Learning Disability Services, as well as supporting customers with the development of regional and local fast track plans. We have supported the development of CAMHS Transformational Plans in line with national task force report ‘Future in Mind’.