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Intelligent Programme Management

Monday 14th March 2022

Intelligent Programme Management

Hi, my name is Adam and I lead our Intelligent Programme Management Office (iPMO) Market Facing Team within NECS Consultancy. I’m also one of the Regional Leads for the Yorkshire and Humber Consultancy Team, working alongside our other Regional Lead Hilary Thompson.

Intelligent Programme Management is one of six specialist areas NECS Consultancy offer a wealth of expertise and experience in. Programme Management is a term that is often thrown about with negative connotations: some people/organisations do not see the real value of having excellent programme management support. NECS believe that intelligent programme management helps people to articulate what they are doing and why they are doing it, providing much needed structure to the delivery team. We do this whilst assuring senior colleagues on progress, risks issues and inter-dependencies with other programmes.

The amazing people I work with in NECS and in the health and care sector allow us to add real value to the organisations we work with, and I take pride in knowing that we have made a difference at local, regional and national levels.

Since joining NECS, I have worked on several exciting and interesting programmes, including the scoping and designing of several Programme Management Offices (PMOs) to help organisations manage and track their full portfolio of project and programmes. This has included the London Regional PMO where a team from NECS scoped and redesigned the PMO for the NHS England and Improvement London region, successfully embedding a new way of working to support the Covid-19 pandemic response and recovery programmes.

I have also set up and led the Wakefield CCG PMO, creating a brand-new team and introducing new ways of working to track and manage programmes to support QIPP delivery. I enjoyed working on these because the organisations really could see first-hand the benefits of having a structured intelligent PMO that aligned to their governance models and added real value to the health economy by regularly tracking and reporting in progress. Most recently I have been overseeing the Humber Coast and Vale Integrated Care System PMO transition whilst supporting their emerging ICS strategy.

In the evolving world of healthcare, we know that our clients often struggle with the resources, skills or capacity to structure a programme and deliver at the same time. Therefore, NECS has developed a flexible support offer to help our customers with their programme management requirements by allowing them to shape their own offer around their bespoke needs – this includes everything from governance and programme documentation, to programme mapping and prioritisation and training teams to deliver programmes successfully.

Over the coming months members of our iPMO team will be introducing themselves via a series of blogs – we hope you will enjoy reading these, and if you would like to find out more or chat about how we could support your organisation to maximise its potential project management resources, please get in touch with me.