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A leap of faith – Dagmara’s change of role within NECS

Thursday 6th January 2022

A leap of faith – Dagmara’s change of role within NECS

We all have been there. Knowing you need a change, but not knowing quite where you want to head to. Consultancy was not immediately the obvious choice, but I did know exactly what skills I wanted to develop, and the job description for a Consultant just fitted all those criteria. Although it was a leap of faith – it worked out really well for me!

A year ago I changed roles internally within NECS, from a Senior Analyst within the Business Intelligence team to Consultant within the Yorkshire and Humber team. Although changing job roles is never easy, having worked at NECS for several years I took comfort in knowing the organisation and understanding its values.  Knowing NECS lives up to their values and the fact that I’ve had a lot of development opportunities across the organisation, made me keen to continue progressing internally.

For me, becoming a Consultant was a great opportunity to come out of my comfort zone, test new grounds and see what I enjoy!

I take pride in what I have achieved in such a short space of time, such as becoming more confident and more strategic in my approach. This has allowed me to work in collaboration with stakeholders to achieve their outcomes. I do so by ensuring client teams have the right resources when required, build strong relationships with stakeholders, and help people to think creatively to reach their preferred solution.

What do you enjoy about consultancy and working in the Yorkshire and Humber team?
In the Yorkshire and Humber team, we produce sustainable results for our clients. I enjoy the chance to work with different clients and help make a difference to the NHS and beyond. My new role has given me greater control over my development and with the continuous support I receive from the team I know I can constantly progress.

The team is very knowledgeable, with individuals who are really passionate about supporting their clients. We all come from different backgrounds and are willing to share learning and help upskill each other. I am looking forward to meeting many more extraordinary people along my path here at NECS and learning about different sectors of NHS.

What are you hoping to achieve going forward?
My motivation to succeed comes from my constant curiosity of what surrounds me, and willingness to learn and develop to become better at performing at work as well as grow on personal level. Coming from a BI team often meant dealing with long-term stakeholders and issues around datasets that I was an expert at working with, meaning I could quickly identify what was the root cause, solution, and how to best support my clients or approach to take. With consultancy, the needs, solutions, and barriers in a project are not always clear at the start, and may be continuously changing. I am continuously learning to manage multiple complexities and people in order to achieve our clients’ objectives.

My key goal for the year is to use every experience within consultancy to improve my skill set so that I can help support clients’ objectives. I want to branch out from just being known as a ‘Data Analyst’ and challenge myself to become a successful Consultant.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about my journey so far or working in NECS.