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Meet the Capacity Tracker Team

Monday 12th November 2018

Meet the Capacity Tracker Team

Our Care Home Liaison Officers, based at Dr Piper House in Darlington will show care homes in the Midlands & East, South West and South East regions how to share their bed vacancies and enable others across the country to quickly search for them.

The Capacity Tracker was built with an original aspiration by NHS England to:
– help minimise the number of Delayed Transfers of Care (DToC); and
– minimise the amount of time clinical teams waste on ringing round care homes to establish whether they have an available bed.

NHS England recently carried out an evaluation of NHS bed tracker products and have selected NECS’ Capacity Tracker as the preferred solution for CCGs across the country to implement if they don’t already have web-based care home bed tracker.

Benefits for care homes include:

  • It is fast, free, secure and very easy to use
  • It allows care homes to instantly share their bed availability across the country
  • Bed availability can be updated in less than a minute at any time of the day using any device connected to the internet, including smartphones and iPads
  • It provides care homes with complete control over what bed availability they enter
  • It’s secure – care homes can only see their own information
  • There’s no need for repeated phone calls or emails requesting current bed availability meaning less disruption for staff and more time to be spent on delivering care
  • It’s an ideal opportunity for care homes to fill their empty beds more easily

 The Capacity Tracker is scheduled to be made available to the public early in the New Year

 “Capacity Tracker is a good example of innovation”
Secretary of State, Matt Hancock

 Capacity Tracker allows patients and their relatives to be part of the process of arranging appropriate care within a reasonable timeframe”
Patient’s son

Jonathan Maloney the programme Director said, “This is such an exciting time for us and our agents started their first calls to care homes last week.  We have ambitious targets to meet and we are hoping to get several thousand more care homes signed up between now and mid-January.

Our team of CSU Delivery Managers are working hard to speak with colleagues across CCGs and local authorities in the midlands and south regions to explain the success the tracker has had in the north region and how it could benefit them.

When the clinical decision has been made that a patient is fit for discharge and that they need a care home bed, the Capacity Tracker is a great example of how modern technology can help rapidly identify homes that have the right type of bed available meaning they don’t have to stay in hospital any longer than is necessary.”

For more information on the Capacity Tracker visit: Capacity Tracker 

To register for the Capacity Tracker visit: Capacity Tracker Registration