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NECS achieves CMI chartered accreditation for its management consultancy programme

Tuesday 29th December 2020

David Miller (, Consultant for the NECS Consultancy Team in Yorkshire, discusses how specialist NHS management consultants, NECS Consultancy, became the UK’s first public sector organisation to achieve Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) programme accreditation.

NECS Consultancy is delighted to have become the first public sector organisation to be awarded programme accreditation status by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). This accreditation allows NECS to offer its consultants a five-year development pathway towards achieving the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) qualification, which is the highest level of professional recognition available within management consultancy.

Arguably, 2020 has been the most challenging year the NHS has ever experienced and COVID-19 has undoubtedly provided challenges as well as opportunities for our consultancy team.  For me it’s an incredible achievement that NECS has been able to support the national effort to tackle COVID-19, continue to deliver our ‘business as usual’ programmes and also successfully develop our ChMC programme submission.

My involvement with the programme began in February where I was working with a senior colleague in anticipation of the ChMC accreditation process kicking off in May.  Our approach to the accreditation process mirrored the methodology applied to our other consultancy programmes:  we defined the project goals, mobilised the right project team, interacted with our stakeholders and delivered the solution.

Documenting our Chartered Management programme required significant collaboration between members of our project team, drawn from three of our regional consultancy teams working 100% remotely. Engaging the right number of consultants in the team with differing levels of consultancy experience allowed us to identify what skills and experiences a consultant would reasonably require at each of the three staging posts (foundation, applied and chartered) when working towards their final qualification.

As we developed our ChMC submission over summer one of the most useful outputs of our work was achieving a clear identification of the strengths and gaps of our existing NECS Consultancy training and development offer. We identified specific training courses as our ‘keystones’ and coupled these with other processes, experiences and external support available to demonstrate the development package available to support our consultants. This is designed to develop their mastery of management consultancy across all 53 of the required ChMC competencies.

By early autumn we had reached our accreditation submission stage and at this point our team had developed a rather lengthy mapping template! This, however, did provide our CMI colleagues with an overview of how we thought NECS Consultants could work towards Chartered Management status by following our documented five-year programme. After a robust review of our work and an associated in-depth interview of the team by CMI, we were delighted in November to be informed that NECS had achieved programme accreditation.

The Chartered Management Consultant accreditation recognises the significant ongoing commitment NECS has made to the professional development of all of our management consultants to ensure they have a deep knowledge of delivering consultancy. But of course there is no resting on our laurels. We are keen to continue to refine our programme to benefit our colleagues and to provide sector-leading support to clients across the NHS and the wider health and social care sector.

Contact NECS Consultancy to understand how we put the ChMC principles into practice within our work supporting all aspects of NHS services. Find out more here: NECS Consultancy

More information about the Chartered Management Consultant ChMC award can be found here: