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NECS Approved for G-Cloud 10 Framework

Wednesday 11th July 2018

NECS Approved for G-Cloud 10 Framework

G-Cloud 10 is a framework that enables NHS organisations to buy Cloud services (Hosting, Software and Support) more quickly and efficiently than traditional procurement methods.  The Framework encourages organisations to pursue cloud based services rather than on-premises alternatives, with customers benefiting from more cost-effective solutions and avoidance of tie-in to expensive contracts with single suppliers, whilst having confidence the supplier is on a Government Framework.

We are delighted to announce that NECS has been successful in applying to provide the following services on the G-Cloud 10 Framework:

  • RAIDR – NECS’ business intelligence tool used by CCG, CSU and GP Practice staff and Acute Care. It provides healthcare professionals with a single portal for all their information needs, e.g. inpatient, outpatient and A&E activity, prescribing, finance and contracting, urgent care and primary care data quality and risk stratification.
  • RAIDR Urgent and Emergency Care App – this provides near real time information about the status of urgent and emergency health and social care services across a region for use by operational and managerial staff and benefits from notifications alerting users to changes in the system and predictive modelling to support planning for / identification of surge.
  • Care Home Live Bed State Portal – designed to optimise patient flow by reducing Delayed Transfers of Care.  It is accessible from any mobile device with internet access and provides real-time bed vacancies

Find out more about G-Cloud 10 here: