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Our change management processes and PMO package enabled savings of over £60,000

Friday 11th May 2018


Being true to the shared mission of and being part of the NHS, NECS Consultancy Unit has added significant value to NHS organisations it has worked with. Due to our efficiency and capability the UEC PMO became viewed as the ‘go to’ resource for the NHSE Midlands and East Operations and Delivery team. Whilst adhering to change management processes we were able to be creative with resources to absorb extra work asked of us during the engagement. Our initial base offer of deploying our intelligent PMO package exceeded the criteria set by the client. As we were further integrated into the regional team we added a significant amount of extra value above the initial client request. As part of the intelligent PMO package we assumed the role of regional vanguard lead which allowed the region to save over £60,000. This approach added financial value and allowed a more productive approach of integrating the UEC vanguards into the PMO.

Our robust Programme Management discipline and ability to efficiently structure National asks for funding opportunities and pilots allowed us to bring significant resource into the region, in excess of capitated expectations – £23.4m of Capital investment for Primary Care streaming and £5.5m for Mental Health Liaison Crisis services.

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