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RAIDR has evolved further into a Population Health Management

Sunday 14th June 2020

RAIDR has evolved further into a Population Health Management (PHM) intelligence tool helping ICSs, and particularly Primary Care Networks, to develop their population health management capability. We are proud of the contribution we have been making not only in the North East and North Cumbria ICS, but also supporting PHM development across the Suffolk & North East Essex and the Humber, Coast and Vale Integrated Care Systems.

The NECS BI team provided key support to a pivotal PHM contract for SNEE. The team delivered population segmentation analysis for a group of PCNs using data driven analytical approaches to support the PCNs in identifying their key clinical priority areas. 2 main segmentation approaches were used – the first is a prescribed segmentation (binning approach) using the primary care data to align patients to one of 12 segments, ranging from mostly healthy adults, through to patients with a specific clinical diagnosis i.e. cancer. The second approach was a data driven approach using a CART (Classification and Regression Tree) model using R software. Both approaches were used to support the PCNs in their operational planning and deep dive analysis was carried out across a range of clinical areas including mental health. The analytical support to the PCNs effectively enabled them to prioritise key cohorts of patients with which to then carry out targeted interventions with to improve the overall health of their populations.

For more info visit: RAIDR website