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RAIDR Implementation across Leeds

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

RAIDR Implementation across Leeds

The former three CCGs of Leeds merged to form NHS Leeds CCG back in April 2017. As part of their collaborative working and economies of scale savings, NECS was chosen to provide one central business intelligence tool, RAIDR, for the CCG and their 102 GP practices.

Working closely with CCG colleagues, and faced with very tight deadlines, NECS were able to provide two dashboards, Primary Care and Secondary Care, on schedule and a third, Prescribing, ahead of schedule.  With drive coming from both the CCG and NECS a close relationship was formed which allowed for an extremely informed delivery with a simple mechanism for early identification of potential issues.

Our flexible approach to the delivery of the dashboards allowed us to modify the dashboards in a way not done before to meet a key requirement linked to the way the CCG works and matched the changing needs of the developing CCG.

The deployment of these dashboards was complimented by a custom suite of training to suit the developing needs of the CCG and GP user group.  NECS’ flexible approach to the training schedule and use of tools such as WebEx allowed the training of a large geographic area within a short time frame.

The RAIDR team are now working closely with the CCG to fully roll out and realise the benefits of having RAIDR across the CCG and all the GP practices, to support the commissioning of high quality services as well as enabling the delivery of high quality care for patients across Leeds.

To discuss RAIDR in more detail and understand how RAIDR can support you with your challenges please contact us to have a demonstration of RAIDR via WebEx or face to face with one of our experts.