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We are leading on the central programme management office for the GP International Recruitment programme

Friday 11th May 2018

As part of the General Practice Forward View, NECS are supporting the expansion of the GP International Recruitment programme over the next three years.. The aim of the programme is to recruit 2000 qualified and skilled International GP’s to work for the NHS in England by 2020.

NECS are leading on the central programme management office as a partnership with NHS England and SCW CSU, which together form the International GP Recruitment national team.  NECS also have key roles in the North and Midlands and East, two of four NHSE regions the programme is recruiting GP’s into.

The NECS team provide both experience and capacity to NHS England and are developing excellent relationships with partner organisations and with key stakeholders that are enabling the successful implementation of the programme. Our flexible team are leading on developments in processes, establishing information collection and management systems and robust programme management both nationally and within local areas.

The flexibility of the team allows resource to be allocated to the most important areas of the programme at the right time and in the right locations.

The first cohort of international GPs are actively in the process of being recruited from Europe.

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