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We developed a QIPP programme for Ophthalmology which saw a hospital trust see a 13% reduction in new first appointments

Friday 11th May 2018

NECS supported a Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) programme for Ophthalmology, working collaboratively with provider and commissioners on a range of initiatives to deliver improved quality, efficiencies and financial savings. A project team was established developing a data pack which was benchmarked against regional/national activity, helping to achieve a sustainable list size and referral to treatment target whilst delivering a safe sustainable service for patients. Commissioners have seen the benefits and invested in community optometry services and in July a referral triage process was introduced to direct patients to the most clinically appropriate ophthalmology/optometry service.   The trust has seen a 13% decrease for new first appointments since the referral management service was introduced, and winter 2017 saw the repatriation of over 400 patients to the community from a hospital setting via a community based low risk suspect glaucoma monitoring service.  The programme is now being rolled out to neighbouring CCGs across the regions that are keen to understand and learn from the work.