RAIDR’s History and Evolution

Development of RAIDR started in 2009 to support Practice Based Commissioning and has evolved since to support the ever changing NHS landscape, most recently supporting the developing intelligence requirements of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) and a population health management ethos and approach. RAIDR provides a system wide view of patient activity to improve patient management and pathway design.

RAIDR was built by the NHS, for the NHS. It gives clinicians and healthcare professionals self-service access to robust, wide-ranging and up to date aggregate, and patient level, information and provides strategically focused insight for commissioners and broader integrated care systems to manage their resources effectively.

Today RAIDR is used in over 800 GP practices and 17 CCGs covering a patient population of 7.5 million. We also have a proven track record of delivery and implementation of the system nationally.

Within RAIDR, there is a robust and comprehensive approach to risk stratification which is a critical element of supporting ICSs around effective population health management. RAIDR covers both event-based risk stratification, including risk of admission, readmission and fracture, as well as chronic condition-based risk stratification including diabetes, dementia and atrial fibrillation.

Bringing together data from a range of sources and care settings and linking patient level data where possible, RAIDR determines a longitudinal record of a patients care and health needs. The results of risk stratification are accessed by users with drill down functionality to filter by specific at-risk groups or long term conditions.

Our driving principles

We believe the user should be in total control, with all the information you need at your fingertips. RAIDR enables you to navigate, select and drill down to gain intelligence, providing flexible reports from high level trends to patient level data, visualising powerful intelligence on patient pathways and providing dynamic easy to use risk stratification tools.

The RAIDR team pride themselves on ensuring the best level of customer care. The data held within the system is protected to the highest information governance standards, with tight security. There is strictly controlled access based on the role of each user, and a highly resilient and reliable technical infrastructure – your data is safe with us.

The RAIDR team operates a continuous improvement strategy, developing dashboards to reflect changes in local and national policy and emerging healthcare issues. There is a rapid cycle of “ideas, design, evaluation and implementation”, which quickly leads to quality and financial benefits for the end users.