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Research and Evidence in Primary Care: What Works and for Whom

Our most recent event was on 10 December 2019 at St James' Park (NUFC) - Link agenda and presentations below. Other presentations from recent events can also be viewed below.

Research and Evidence in Primary Care – What Works and for Whom?

Agenda – Primary Care Research-What Works and for Whom 2019 12 10

2019-12-10 ARC-Overview

2019-12-10 SKIM

2019-12-10 SharedMedicalAppts

2019-12-10 ChildPhysicalFitness

2019-12-10 OlderPeopleAttitudesToAlcohol

2019-12-10 PREPWell-Prehabilitation

2019-12-10 ChildNutrition

2019-12-10 Social Prescribing

Thank you to all delegates who took part in the interactive sessions and provided feedback on this event – both aspects have been collated into the following report: 2019-12-10 Research and Evidence in Primary Care Event Feedback_FINAL

Care Home Research: Current state and future priorities

Thank you to delegates for their contribution to a successful day.  Presentation slides from the day are below:

2019-06-18 NECS-ShonaHaining

2019-06-18 NCLUni-BarbaraHanratty

2019-06-18 DaveBelshaw-AHSN

2019-06-18 NICHE

2019-06-18 ClaireGoodman-DACHA

Thank you also to the delegates who took the time to give their feedback for the event- this has been collated into the following report: Care Home Research Event Feedback

2019 Oct 03rd – STEM Club

An informal gathering of colleagues who are interested in evidence-based decision-making in the healthcare setting. System leaders will share current and past examples of commissioning and de-commissioning processes.  For more information contact


2019 10 03 STEM-DecommLibraryBriefing

2019 10 03 STEM DilemmasInDecisionMaking-SuzanneWilson

2019 10 03 STEM Evidence-BasedDecisionMakingInHealthAndCare

2019 10 03 STEM-DavidHambletonPresentation

2019 10 03 STEM-MikeLavender-VBC


2019 November 28/29 – SAPC NORTH CONFERENCE


Slides from NECS Research and Evidence team’s most recent events – please mail us if you have any questions –

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2018-09 MyJourneyIntoAcademicPrimaryPractice

2018-09 PrimaryCareResearchStrategy

2018-09 SharedMedicalAppointments

DISCOVERY MUSEUM November 2017 – focussing on the work of North East Vanguards

2017-11 AIMStudyPresentation

2017-11 ClinicalAssessmentService-UEC

2017-11 DigitalSolutionsWorkshop

2017-11 NorthumberlandTransformationAndEnhancedCareModels

2017-11 OrganisationalDesignAndDevelopment2017-11 PathwayOfCareWorkshop

2017-11 PharmacyAtScaleWorkshop