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Get Involved with Research

Are you interested in how Research and Evidence could support your decision-making? Looking for evidence to support business change? Would you be interesting in taking part in research activity? Interesting in attending one of our training courses?

Training Courses

Our free training sessions are available to NECS, CCG, and Primary Care Staff. Training sessions are now being delivered online. For further details about our current courses please visit Places are limited, so must be booked in advance.

We can also develop and deliver bespoke training sessions to meet your needs. Book onto one of our planned courses, or contact us to find out how we can best support you. Watch a video about our training content here (RE Team Training) or download a description of the sessions here (Research and Evidence Training Sessions).

Research Capability Funding (RCF)

Research Capability Funding (RCF) is allocated to research-active NHS organisations in proportion to the total amount of other NIHR income received by that organisation, and on the number of NIHR Senior Investigators associated with the organisation, and is a great opportunity for NE&NC to grow research ideas and staff in primary care

The aim is a quality-driven fund that allows for local discretion and management of people to support and develop patient and people driven research that, in this case, is important and priority for primary care/CCGs.

Examples of previously funded projects have included

  • GP sessions to work with  a research active team to develop own research and be co-applicant on research
  • Primary care staff working in Universities  and between grants/fellowships
  • Pilot/ feasibility work as a precursor to a larger grant to be bid for
  • Time for collaborations to develop research grants

A brief on legitimate use and non-use of this fund, which can be found here.

Should you wish to discuss your application with a member of the research team please do get in touch: and one of the research managers will get in touch.

The links below will direct you to the relevant RCF pages on the NIHR website which outlines the uses etc and provides some more background.

Research capability funding | NIHR (background)
Research Capability Funding FAQs ( (FAQs)

This link gives a brief introduction to Research and Evidence

The team regularly share information, usually through our regular bulletin or using CCG newsletters, where regional research and evaluation studies are looking to recruit.  If you are able and willing to be involved, mail us at to register your interest and be guided to suitable research opportunities.

You can also stay in touch with what is happening on twitter@NECSRETeam. See live feed on Research Evidence home page