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Risk and Incident Reporting Management

The NECS governance and assurance team will help you to ensure that your organisation has corporate and systematic processes for assessing and addressing the impact of risks and incidents in a cost-effective way. This will ensure the best use of resources and will contribute to the continuous improvement of your organisation’s performance.

Our offer:

Our offer is tailored to individual customer needs and includes:


  • Risk management – establish and maintain risk management frameworks and risk registers, producing reports in accordance with agreed risk management strategy and policies
  • Risk register – implement, manage and maintain corporate risk register and risk escalation process
  • Risk management training – provide initial and follow up training on risk management policy and strategy
  • Risk reports – we offer a suite of risk reports ranging from a full, detailed risk register to a one page dashboard overview
  • Assurance – support the establishment of the organisation’s assurance framework with advice on governance and accountability arrangements
  • Risk management system – implementation of an electronic risk management solution (Safeguard Incident and Risk Management System) tailored to organisational requirements

We view risk management as a dynamic process and strive to provide support to our customers to ensure that our service is meeting current and changing requirements. Our processes have been developed in line with NHS England’s Risk Management Policy and process guidance.


Incidents can impact on a range of areas and affect an organisation’s ability to function effectively. Incident reporting can act as an early warning system enabling management teams to take preventative steps to minimise harm.  High numbers of incidents actually demonstrate that an organisation is safe, showing that staff feel confident that things will be put right.

The process can also be used to support continuous improvement within an organisation by capturing emerging trends of system and process failures.

We offer:

  • Incident reporting – providing all staff with access to an electronic incident reporting system (Safeguard Incident and Risk Management System).
  • Incident management – promote the use of the Five Whys tool as an effective part of the incident management process.
  • Lessons learnt – engage with staff and teams to ensure learning is embedded into practice and feed into the organisation’s governance systems to ensure learning is sustained
  • Incident training – provide initial and follow up training on incident reporting and management policy.
  • A suite of incident reports is available to provide up to date information which can be aggregated by theme, location, service etc.

Our holistic approach to governance and our experience of working with a range of different organisations means that we can assist organisations to analyse emerging trends with a view to identifying new, or providing intelligence on existing, strategic and operational risks. This approach will bring significant benefits in terms of providing an enhanced organisational picture, offering assurance to governing bodies, boards and auditors that the organisation is well-managed.

Safeguard Incident and Risk Management System (SIRMS)

SIRMS was purchased by NECS in 2013 to support the delivery of key services both internally and externally:

  • Risk management,
  • Incident reporting and management,
  • Complaints management.

The system is managed by the NECS governance team in partnership with the NECS clinical quality team through an operational management group which supports the ongoing development and management of the system.

  • The system is encrypted and delivered through a N3 connexion, so customers can be assured that sensitive and confidential information is secure. User access to the system can be limited as required by the organisation.

How we’ve helped

We have successfully implemented risk management processes in ten clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) across the North East and Cumbria region. Each CCG has an individual risk page that has been tailored to their requirements, meaning that ‘pick lists’ and supporting information are unique to the individual organisation.

Incident reporting and management has been implemented in eleven CCGs across the region.

Customer testimonials

“Since the development of our individual page, feedback from staff has been very positive.  They have found it much more user friendly and feel it reflects our internal processes in a much better way.”  NHS Sunderland CCG

“The development of an individual risk CCG risk page within SIRMS has been very beneficial to the CCG as it allows us to tailor the input of our risks to the SIRMS system in order for us to comply with our risk management strategy.” NHS Hartlepool and Stockton-On-Tees CCG