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Continuous Improvement Service

We have developed the NECS Continuous Improvement System over a number of years, with the aims of maximising quality, eliminating waste using a range of Continuous Improvement tools and techniques.

Across the UK and world-wide many businesses are implementing large-scale change programmes aimed at reviewing their processes and developing a culture of Continuous Improvement.

We have developed the NECS Continuous Improvement System over a number of years, with the aims of maximising quality, eliminating waste using a range of Continuous Improvement tools and techniques. The development of the system has been supported by a number of partners, including Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK and the North East Transformation System.

Using the methodology developed, the NECS Continuous Improvement System can help your organisation towards:

Identified quality improvements from any process changes, such as reduction in lead time and defects, improved customer and staff satisfaction.

Clear efficiency savings for pieces of work by developing a clear scope, baselining, setting targets and measuring process changes.

A skills escalator model for Continuous Improvement training, where all staff have an awareness of Continuous Improvement, and then developing levels of practitioners, who can lead local and organisational service improvements.

Improvements in workplace management that will see your organisation progress from an established baseline toward recognised industry standard of excellence (often known as 5s or 6s) to create and maintain a professional, clean and orderly working environment, often seen as the foundation to excellent Continuous Improvement in practice.

The introduction of visual information to display improvement metrics that engages individuals and teams.

Continuous Improvement Maturity Model (CIMM) – NECS has developed a CIMM as an assessment tool to be applied to any organisation that is looking to adopt a culture of Continuous Improvement and baseline its current state of readiness. The CIMM will enable us to measure the level of Continuous Improvement maturity in your organisation and through analysis of the findings will provide an opportunity to detect areas of focus and design action plans for improvement.

Our Offer
We offer a range of services which can be customised to meet the needs of the organisation. These include:
  • Diagnostics
  • Process and workshop facilitation
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Workplace management
  • Continuous Improvement Maturity Model (CIMM)
  • Various training sessions and workshops

Training sessions and workshops

Continuous Improvement Awareness
This is a half day training session which gives staff a basic introduction to Continuous Improvement. A full day of training can also be arranged, to include a tour around the Nissan Plant to show Continuous Improvement in action.

Tools and Techniques
This is a one day course designed to equip staff with the tools and techniques to drive small and effective improvement changes to internal processes and practices within the local business environment. The course includes how to identify a problem, work through the problem to understand the current state, apply tools and techniques for implementing a successful and sustainable new future state process.

Process and Value Stream Mapping
This is a half day course to focus on mapping your processes using different mapping methods and looking towards using the information to design a new and improved processes. The course is an introductory level for those with little or no mapping experience.

Data Collection and Analysis Training
This is a half day course which offers practical training in data collection and baselining for Continuous Improvement work. It combines theory with some exercises within Excel to analyse and present your data in order to tell the story of the improvements you have made and quantify efficiency savings.

A 12 week training program comprising of five separate workshop days for teams of 4-6 people and accommodates 3-4 teams at the same time. This programme is designed to improve an internal process which doesn’t require a full project but isn’t just a quick win

Bespoke Continuous Improvement Workshops
These workshops focus on a process improvement, beginning with clear scope and identifying the current state. They are supported by data collection, through to the new future state.

“…most important intervention was to help us to clearly define what questions we needed to answer and what our output should be. Our team was entirely new to this approach and the guidance on how to prepare for it, and ideas about its format and content were invaluable…. gave me confidence that the event would be successful in us getting to the solutions and endpoint we needed….helped us to use that time effectively. So – thank you very much for arranging this support for us. It was brilliant.”

Elizabeth Mallett, NHS Sunderland CCG