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Public Consultation

Expert consultation services for compliance and improvement

Our experts have many years’ experience of engagement and public consultation and know how to deliver this in the right way, from reaching the target audience to analysing results. Whatever the issue we make sure all consultations are carried out rigorously and to best practice standards.

We offer:

  • Advice and guidance on when consultations should be carried out
  • Expert knowledge of adhering to legal and statutory requirements, including the NHS Act 2006 and equality and diversity legislation
  • Research into and understanding of the right stakeholders to consult with
  • Knowledge of the best tools to reach different audiences
  • Delivery of public consultation exercises
  • Recording and collation of results
  • Analysing and reporting of results and impact

Whether you need to consult to comply with statutory legislation during major change or to help continuously improve services, doing it in the right way with the right people will help you meet the needs of your communities. You can be confident that whatever the reasons for your consultation, the support from our experienced team will follow best practice and be robust and rigorous.

How we’ve helped
We have supported consultations which have ranged from wider scale changes to mental health services, re-configuration of children’s, maternity and emergency medical care services to the relocation or closure of a walk in centre.

We have helped our customers to negotiate and interpret legislative and democratic processes, and given expert advice on communication and engagement methods, and how these should be best used to enhance service delivery.

Download our Consultation Service Offer for more information.