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Contract and Provider Management

Delivering optimum contracting solutions

Provider management is vital but can take up a lot of time and resources. Our experience of NHS contracting and performance management means that we can give expert advice and deliver the best solutions on your behalf.

We offer

  • Expert advice and support on contracting and provider management
  • Robust contract documentation which meets legal and health service requirements, including the move to outcome based contracts
  • Support for all commissioned service providers, acute, community, ambulance, mental health, learning disability, continuing healthcare services
  • Comprehensive performance management including monthly reports, risk analysis and mitigation
  • Managing provider relationships to bring about performance improvement.

We take away the complexities of managing contracts and providers for you. We make sure you get better provision and value for money, that quality is maintained and delivery is on target.

How we’ve helped
A local provider had a number of performance and quality issues during 2013/14 that were regularly discussed through the contract meetings. Whilst the issues were individually being managed in line with the NHS standard contract the CCG wanted to have an oversight of the provider as a whole. To help facilitate and support the CCG in the escalation of these issues with both the provider and NHS England, NECS developed a detailed quality report that highlighted the main performance issues and benchmarked the provider both at a regional level and also against their own peer group. The report was well received and NECS have since produced a similar report for a different customer to facilitate the discussions around various performance issues with their main provider.