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Demand Management

Demand Management is critical to a sustainable NHS. NECS recognises this and has developed and implemented an Elective Demand Management approach which encompasses a broad range of high impact intervention support packages.

Our approach
We have delivered these Demand Management initiatives across the NHS resulting in significant reduction of activity in secondary care with associated savings and improved access to the most appropriate care for patients.

Our expert teams have led projects in every NHS region working with a range of stakeholders. We are committed to delivering expected outcomes while adapting to changing priorities.

What we can offer

  • Clinical Peer Review
  • High Impact Service Transformation
  • Referral Diversions
  • Information and Performance reporting
  • Diagnostics
  • Reducing Delayed Transfers of Care
  • Contract management:

– Consultant to Consultant Policy
– Review Benchmarking
– Value Based Commissioning

Sustainable RTT:

  • Waiting List Diagnostics
  • Waiting List Validation
  • RTT Training
  • Access Policy & SOP Production

Demand Management Diagnostic Assessment
Using national guidance, we’ve developed a diagnostic tool for CCGs to help identify missed opportunities. We have successfully used this tool in over 50 CCGs. Our experts work alongside the CCG team to provide constructive challenge in a safe environment and agree appropriate remedial action.

How we’ve helped

NECS introduced a single point of access MSK service on behalf of NHS Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees CCG. This aimed to shift orthopaedic outpatient services into the MSK Community Service to meet patient needs in line with clinical best practice.

Outcomes included:
– 45.5% increase in MSK service referrals
– A reduction in secondary care Day Case and OPA New seen appointments of 19.7% over the baseline period (15/16)
– An approximate cost reduction of £800k (27.3%) over 9 months

Web based portal to capture capacity
In conjunction with NHS England (North region) we developed a web based portal to capture and share spare slot capacity at specialty and sub-specialty/ procedure level. Initially targeted at independent sector capacity we extended coverage to NHS providers to enable them to share their spare slots too.

Our portal is internet based and doesn’t require any additional equipment so can be mobilised at scale and at pace to help health systems manage activity pressures.

Referral Management Service
NECS can develop and deliver a Referral Management Service (RMS) at a local or regional level including:

  • Review local activity to determine specialties to include
  • Assist in the development of clinically appropriate criteria and thresholds
  • Procure a provider to deliver the clinical triage elements of the RMS
  • Manage a Referral Management Centre to provide the onward referral to secondary care via eReferral
  • Support Contract Managers to embed the requirements of the RMS in secondary care contracts
  • Monitor secondary care activity to ensure the impact of the RMS is being realised

We use RAIDR our healthcare intelligence tool, developed with GPs to provide a single portal to help improve Quality, Safety and Efficiency. It enhances many of our demand management products to provide detailed reports enabling the navigation, selection and ability to drill down to gain intelligence, from high level trends to detailed patient level data.

RAIDR can be purchased to be used alongside our Elective Demand Management Services to help you get to the root cause of variation, gain an understanding of activity trends and achieve improved outcomes. Our leaflet for RAIDR will give you further detailed information if required.

Delayed Transfers of Care (DToC)
NECS can support the local adaptation, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of initiatives to address escalating levels of Delayed Transfers of Care. Our models are based on nationally mandated process and policy. Interventions include:

  • Choice Policy
  • Home First Model/Discharge to Assess
  • Trusted Assessor
  • SAFER Bundle

NHS RightCare
Using the NHS RightCare framework we can help reduce clinical variation, deliver service improvement and the best value to local populations. NECS have found that CCGs are finding it difficult to realise the full potential of NHS RightCare; identifying the causes of unwarranted variation, prioritisation and developing and implementing transformational change.

“the support the variation team provides has been important to assist GPs during this period of unprecedented demand. Their approach allows clinicians to be guided to areas where clinical time can then be focused in the most efficient way, to allow improved care and pathways for our patients. The team is also able to share good practice which again supports clinical decision making to ensure excellent quality of care is provided at all times.” Dr Jenny Steel, Executive GP – Transformation, Darlington CCG

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