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Health and Justice

NECS provides a specialist Health and Justice support service across criminal justice and health sectors at both strategic and operational level.

The NECS Health and Justice Commissioning Support Service has extensive experience of project, programme management and service improvement delivery across criminal justice and health sectors, at both strategic and operational level.  As well as being former criminal justice and health sector professionals (Youth Offending Service, Police, Offender Health, NHS Providers), our team of experts have delivered high profile projects for and alongside a range of partner organisations including NHS England, Police Forces, Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS) and Public Health England (PHE).

We currently deliver (on an ongoing, embedded basis) Health and Justice specific commissioning support to six of NHS England’s Health and Justice Teams (North West, Yorkshire and Humber, the South West, South Central of England and the London Area and the National Children’s and Young Persons team).

We fulfil ad-hoc projects in other geographical areas including review of health and justice mental health pathways in the Midlands and review and improvement of mental health pathways within Sexual Assault Referral Centres in the North East.

We can support with the following:

  • Health and Justice contract management framework and the commissioning cycle
  • Delivering the health needs assessment programme across the adult prison estate (in-house on behalf of NHS England)
  • Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) approach to the health and justice commissioning cycle
  • Leading on the roll out of information and technology improvements within the prison estate
  • Leading on the smoke free agenda
  • Mobilisation of prison healthcare contracts
  • Developing and implementing a quality assurance framework across the prison estate
  • Delivering (alongside local procurement leads) large scale, high value prison healthcare procurement projects
  • Supporting implementation of the national ‘Liaison and Diversion’ programme in Police Custody Suites
  • Commissioning and delivering the implementation of Sexual Assault Referral Centres for victims of crime

Our service also delivers ability to support time limited projects on behalf of NHS England Health and Justice teams (or other stakeholders) which include the following;

  • Health and Justice specialist ‘Programme Management Office’ support function
  • Project based ‘external’ and ‘Independent’ review of clinical service provision
  • Specialist Health and Justice review of Continuing Health Care and Social Care delivery
  • Health and Justice training optimisation
  • Prison/community based Health Needs Assessments
  • H&J Specific Procurement Expertise
  • Review of Health and Justice Primary Care delivery
  • Review of Health and Justice Mental Health delivery
  • Health and Justice specialist Medicines Optimisation

How we’ve helped

NECS produced recommendations to roll out the Early Days Mental Health approach to phase 2 prison sites across the NHS England South Region resulting in the implementation of new lean, safe and effective processes within each prison across the Region.

Our experience of continuous improvement, change management, delivery of projects at pace and an end to end solution focused approach gave us an important advantage when delivering this project. Our work embraced mapping the prisoners’ journey of experience from custody to early days mental health assessment, reviewing estate requirements, development of job descriptions and recruitment support and establishment of a performance measurement system.

The activity for this project was twofold and ran in hand in hand with one another.

  1. Provision of a report detailing recommendations to roll out of Early Days Mental Health approach to phase 2 prison sites across the rest of the NHS England South region.
  2. Process map current state within each prison site to identify flow of prisoners through the early days process and identification of best practice and estate requirements to support recruitment activity.

The above encompassed a range of activity including:

  • Process mapping of the flow of prisoners during their early days in custody with a specific focus on early day’s mental health assessment
  • Identification of HMPPS and NHS best practice and areas for improvement in the management of prisoners during their first seven days in a custodial setting
  • Identification of the estate requirements to support the implementation of the Early Days Mental Health Practitioner (EDMHP) Band 7 pilot (subject to NHSE South Agenda for Change validation)
  • Development of a generic job description (JD) to support the recruitment of an EDMH practitioner post in 6 prison establishments: HMP Bristol, HMP Elmley, HMP Exeter, HMP Lewes, HMP/YOI Portland, HMP Bristol and HMP/YOI Winchester
  • Support HMP sites to ensure recruitment commences and appointments into roles
  • Work with the KPI lead to ensure data capture measures and processes are in place to demonstrate improved patient experience and project success.

Our experience of continuous improvement, change management, delivery of projects at pace and an end to end solution focused approach allowed NECS to provide a rapid and focused specialist resource. This was provided into the NHS England and NECS Health and Justice Teams alongside HMPPS colleagues to implement the Early Days Mental Health (EDMH) and Advanced Paramedic Practitioner (APP) resource into pilot prison sites. This was underpinned with robust KPIs to measure impact, learn from current state mapping to support implementation of new lean, safe and effective processes within each prison site and made robust recommendations for NHS England commissioners to embed as business as usual and provide a stable platform to continue and develop this work locally.