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Research and Evidence

Developing and using evidence from research and evaluation to inform your decision making

Our Research and Evidence (R&E) team support the transformation of health and social care service and ensure that you are using research and evidence to improve services and outcomes for patients.

We offer:

  • Skills to find, appraise and apply research evidence in the commissioning cycle
  • Training which is bespoke to your organisational needs around finding evidence and developing evaluations
  • Circulation of and signposting to new relevant outputs and evidence from research projects
  • Advice on appropriate methods to be used to collect new evidence
  • A forum and support to develop new relevant research
  • Support to prioritise and refine research ideas, develop and apply for funding
  • Advice and support on Research Governance
  • Host and management of external research grants
  • Evidence and outcomes from research
  • Strategic partnerships and collaborations with key academics to develop new research and evaluations
  • Active links to Universities with a variety of methodological and clinical research skills to add to research and evaluation questions you wish to develop

Our R&E expertise can help you meet statutory duties of promoting and supporting research and also make sure that you are using evidence based decision making to ultimately improve services and outcomes for patients.

How we’ve helped
A multi-faceted approach by a range of skilled and experienced R&E staff supported Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver their statutory duties regarding research. In addition they are supporting embedding research and evidence across the organisation. Board level engagement of executive and non-executive members secured a commitment to a “Year of Research”. NECS staff working hand in hand with CCG staff to operationalise and enable this are supporting development of a research strategy.

Engagement with GP practices is allowing an increase in member practices and staff getting involved in research studies and offering the Newcastle and Gateshead patients more opportunities to be offered the chance to be in a research study fulfilling a NHS Constitution pledge. Research as a quality indicator for GP practices is being expressed to show the activity per practice in the visual dashboard each practice has to monitor quality performance.

Recognising the need for building evidence into new service planning and development in Newcastle Gateshead CCG, for example the Vanguard models of care, has been supported and encouraged by NECS R&E bringing in relevant experienced academic partners to provide robust methodology and independence.

Research and Evidence Bulletins
Our most recent Research and Evidence bulletins can be seen at the links below:

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Our Current Projects
A list of the current projects we are working on can be seen below:

Current Research and Evidence Projects – February 2019