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Specialist Support and Delivery

We work with health and social care systems to achieve better outcomes and improve business performance. Our work covers a variety of subjects built around three key areas: Clinical Service Expertise, Programme and Project Management and Bespoke Services.

We Offer
We provide a broad range of services, collaborating with organisations when support is required in the following three areas:

Clinical Service Expertise
• Urgent care
• Demand management
• GP variation
• Community services
• Long term conditions

Programme and Project Management – our portfolio includes work with:
• NHS England Health and Justice
• NHS England Continuing Healthcare (CHC)
• Medicines optimisation
• GP Variation in Spend (GVIS)
• NHSE GP Forward View Workforce Retention

Bespoke Projects
We also provide bespoke services centred on a four-stage delivery model:
Discovery – Design & Transformation – Delivery & Evaluation – Close

Our Clients and Projects
We work across sectors and while our presence is strongest in the north east, we are able to provide cost-effective solutions in any area of the country.

Our Network
The Team’s services are enhanced by connecting with other NECS specialists across our organisation.