Integrated Care Systems & Sustainable Transformation Partnerships

We have extensive experience of delivering transformational change across the health and social care system, providing support using our specialists from across all of our 27 services as required to co-design, engage the system and deliver the change

At NECS we have extensive experience of delivering transformational change across the health and social care system supporting Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and Integrated Care Systems

Improving care for patients is a strong focus we always maintain throughout system wide transformation and we are uniquely placed to offer tailored support services to carefully manage the transition of change into business as usual services.

We are currently delivering system wide transformation support across the whole of the North of England, working in partnership with new and developing organisations as they focus on delivery of sustainable transformation plans and the formation of integrated care systems.

Our system wide support offer will provide you with a multi-specialist transformation team tailored to meet your requirements. Following our initial local diagnostic we will assign a team, including experienced programme management to maintain a strong focus on delivery, who will locate within your system to collaborate, co-design and engage with all partners and patients to formulate a system owned plan to deliver the greatest impact on health outcomes for your patients.

This team will:

  • Engage our subject matter experts and partners experienced in system transformation with a track record of resolving complex problems across the UK
  • Provide expertise in engaging the system and patients to create ‘the journey of change’
  • Provide access to data and tools translated into intelligence to optimise system transformation and population health management
  • Provide experience of ‘command & control’ within and across a system, using our experience and tools in key challenge areas such demand management, surge management and urgent and emergency care management.
  • Engage our established industry partners in specialist areas such as new technologies, legal and experience of supporting international system transformation.
  • Work with you to develop a tailored long term support solution to the system – we are able to provide seamless support from transformation into ongoing support to manage the system in delivery.

If you would like a more detailed discussion on how we can become and integral part of you Integrated Care System or Sustainability and Transformation Partnership and showcase how we have successfully delivered large scale transformation, please contact us: